September 4th - 9th, 2012
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Madrid to Seville
Madrid Airport, otherwise known as Barajas Airport, is located 13Km North East of the city centre of Madrid, with good access to the motorway system. Madrid Barajas airport has 4 terminals: Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are all contained within one huge complex, while Terminal 4 is in a separate building. Terminal 4 has two parts - the main part being T4 (located approximately 4km from the other 3 terminals) while its satellite, T4S, lies between the runways.

Terminal 1 primarily handles international flights from Argentina, China, Egypt, Mexico, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the USA, as well as from many European countries.

Terminal 2 operates with much fewer airlines, serving mainly European flights, such as to Germany, Portugal and Norway.

Terminal 3 almost exclusively serves domestic internal flights around Spain.

Terminal 4 handles mainly international flights. It serves much of Europe as well as the USA, Central and South America, and a number of Middle Eastern Arab States.

If you fly to Madrid you have several options to reach Seville.

Madrid to Seville by plane

If you decide to take a connecting flight you may need to change terminal.

Be careful because Madrid Barajas Airport is quite big and going from one terminal to another can take you a long while. To facilitate passenger mobility, there is a free Shuttle bus service connecting all four Terminals. Passengers wishing to connect between Terminal 4 and Terminals 1, 2 or 3 should walk outside the Terminal and follow the signs to the Shuttle bus. These green buses leave every 5 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes during the night with connection time of around 15 minutes. For more information click here.

If you have to change terminal within the Terminal 1,2 and 3 complex you can easily do it by walking or if you prefer you may also take the Shuttle bus.

There is a dedicated train link between T4S and T1 for those with a boarding card.

There are several hotels located near the airport, and many of these offer free shuttle services, allowing travelers quick access to stopovers if necessary.

Madrid to Seville by train

You can reach Atocha Railway station from the airport easily via the city's Metro system. More info about frequency, fares, etc. at take line 8 at the airport (Terminal 2 or 4), transfer to line 10 at “Nuevos Ministerios” station and transfer again at “Tribunal” station to line 1. The journey time is about 55 minutes from Terminal 4 and 50 minutes from Terminal 2.

Madrid and Seville are 536 km or 340 miles apart, a distance that translates into at least six hours of driving time. A quicker way to get from Madrid to Seville--or vice versa--is on an Alta Velocidad Española (AVE) train operated by Renfe, the Spanish national railroad (

These AVE trains (with an acronym that spells "bird" in Castilian) cover the distance to Seville in two and a half hours, reaching speeds of up to 300 km/h or 186 mph. These trains are so reliable that Renfe will refund the price of your ticket if the train arrives more than five minutes late.

AVE trains have a bar and club cars, and both first-and second-class passengers have access to special departure lounges. The Club AVE lounge at Atocha Station in Madrid is similar to a VIP lounge at an airport with comfortable seating areas, free drinks, complimentary newspapers, stylish lavatories, and other perks for travelers with first-class tickets or rail passes from Eurail and InterRail.

You can book your train ticket at up to 62 days in advance. The full price of a one way second class ticket is €83.30 and €124.90 for

Madrid to Seville by bus

The cheapest way to arrive to Seville from Madrid is by bus. There are regular buses throughout the day. The journey takes six hours and costs about €20. The first bus leaves at 8am and the last at 1am in both directions.

You can consult the timetable and book your ticket at to search for 'Sevilla', the Spanish name for Seville) or directly at the bus station.

Buses from Madrid to Seville depart from Méndez Alvaro bus station. It is also referred to as 'Estacion del Sur' (South Station) as it is situated in the south of the city. You can reach it easily from the airport by metro: take line 8 at Terminal 2 or 4 and transfer at “Nuevos Ministerios” station to line 6. The journey time is approximately 50 minutes.

Madrid to Seville by car

You may decide to continue your journey by car and spend some additional days in Spain so you can discover the stunning scenery and the delicious food of Andalusia. For your convenience all major car rental companies are represented at the airport.

For details about the Spanish motorway system including the list of toll roads



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